Friday, August 7, 2015

Znet Shows Sea Glass Beads and Creative Spark

When I heard that one of the categories for the summer Creative Spark issue was fruits & veggies, I knew I would have to sign up for that area of participation!  In my day job as the marketing director of a restaurant group, we also have an on site produce farm where I spend a lot of my time throughout each week.  Seems this time of year and through the fall, I have fruits and vegetables on my mind!

I had some grand plans and ordered my sea glass beads from accordingly. 

My first attempt was to create some radishes.  I was pretty happy with my attempt, but when I showed it to my husband and son, they both said "Oh! What nice holiday earrings!"

Epic fail!  Only for summer though, I suppose if they look like holly and berries, they still fit in the category, just more appropriate for winter.

Next up was the embroidered carrot.

This was a lot of fun arranging and rearranging the sea glass beads to shape up to resemble a carrot.

I used a few dabs of glue to keep them in place and then secured them to the lacy's stiff stuff through the top drilled bead holes. This time when I asked the guys what what it was, I got a resounding "carrot"!
After attaching the sea glass beads, they were surrounded with 15/0 orange and green seed beads, I am now ready to adhere this to a tote bag to gift my farming co-worker!

CLICK HERE for the summer 2015 issue of Creative Spark! You won't be sorry!!  There is all sorts of wonderful inspiration in this issue!

Creative Spark Summer 2015

Here is my list of sea glass beads from I used for my veggie pieces:
S13-B05SFIVE Cultured Sea Glass coin puffed Beads 12mm 05-Cherry Red -dark red color(8-pc-str)(4-in-str)

S42-B23FOUR  Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 23-Peridot (20-pc-str)

S42-B83FOUR Cultured Sea Glass tusk Beads varies 83-Tangerine (20-pc-str)

There are a handful of color palettes I contributed in this issue as well, from photos I took last summer:

I hope you enjoy all the great work in the summer issue of Creative Spark! 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Working, beading, assembling, etc...

Every week, I make a to-do list.  And every week one of the line items is "BLOG"!  And every week, that item gets pushed to the bottom of the list, and then I'm just copying it over when I start my to-do list for the next week! hah!

This weekend however, when my husband asked me what plans we had for the weekend, I simply said, I need to blog and read blogs!  It's been a while, so this is a long one! :)

My job demands always kick up a few notches during the warmer seasons, since my company has a farm and a catering business (which does a lot of weddings).  There are a lot moments to caputre and share in my marketing life!

look closely and you'll see a craft cocktail perched among the edible flower bed! 
Yup - it's a tomato soup capture kind of day!

My not so little kid, helping harvest at the farm.

It's also summer vacation for my kiddo, which adds a handful of other activities

How did he get so TALL!?!?

We've been doing some weekly 'field trips' including Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, and the Harvard Museum of Natural History!

I've also been veritably obsessed with the little tree frogs that have taken residence near the steps of my deck. I spend way too much time searching and observing and photographing these little cuties.

I'm still kayaking as often as possible.  I was treated to a wonderful little nature moment last month when I came upon a fawn trailing a swan in the Nashua River.  Here is a little footage from the moment:

Who knew a fawn could swim so well!?

And of course, there is the BEAD-IT-FORWARD project keeping me busy as well!  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and invited my nieces over to help me sort through the squares and start placing them for assembly.  It was so fun! They really enjoyed looking through all the beautiful bead work and had a great eye for what went well together!  (and they taught this middle-aged gal all about the time-lapse video capability on my phone! hehe)


We were able to get a bunch of quilts ready, and other items assembled and the Bead-It-Forward auction site is now live and there are plans to upload new items weekly!
Just click on the photos below to navigate to the auction site!

In another Bead-It-Forward development, I recently met with Judy Bush, the owner of Bead Bush Studio in Deerfield, NH.  She coordinates an event called "Bead Bop NH".

Bead Bop NH is an event which participants tour participating bead stores in New Hampshire and receive special discounts, get their passport stamped, and enter to win raffles.  To participate, you just need to have a Bead Bop tote, and purchase the annual passport for a nominal entry fee.  I purchased and received my tote last week and got my passport and pin.  The tote also came with a free gift which was worth more than my fee to enter (it had two Tierra Cast clasps, a multi strand clasp, a string of fire polish beads, and some head pins).  I can't wait to visit all the stores in September!!

So how does this relate to Bead-It-Forward?  All six participating stores, are going to display some of the 2015 Bead-It-Forward products!!  I'm so excited for these beautiful pieces to get more exposure!  And the event sounds amazing, so if you are in New England during the dates of September 23-26 you'll have to check it out!

As a side note, Judy could not have been any more lovely to meet with, and her store is darling and well stocked!! It's just about an hour away from where I live, but I can't wait to visit again!

Finally - I've also been doing some beading myself.  Aside from my tiny frog obsession, I am obsessed with rivolis lately and have been mastering the 14mm bezel!

I also recently stitched these from a free tutorial on B&B called "Mosaic medallions".

And remember the ATTS embroidered piece?  I had been thinking of one of the bartenders I work with while creating that piece, so naturally, I gifted her with it.  Here is a shot of her wearing it at work one day!

Okay - that's all for now.  I hope I can get back on here sooner six weeks for my next blog post! Now I"m off to visit my virtual friends in the blogosphere!  Happy Saturday!

Friday, June 12, 2015

A River Runs Through It....

"A River Runs Through It..."....and what is "It"?  "It" is my town.  A large portion of the Nashua River runs right through the middle of my town.  It is a lovely waterway, that lazily meanders north meeting the Merrimack River in Nashua.  The town is also bordered by another river, the Squanacook.   In addition, there are lots and lots of ponds and lakes, all within a 10-15 ride from my home.  For years and years, especially as I've hiked along the paths of these waterways, I have been chattering to my family about how much I wanted a kayak.  Finally a few weeks ago, after many weeks of scouring Craigslist, I finally obtained a kayak!
(insert a shriek of delight here!)
It's 10 feet and only 40 pounds, so I can throw it in the back of my small suv any time I have some time to kill and I've been using it a lot!!

There is a boat launch on the river only 3 miles down the road from my house, and it launches right into a watershed/oxbow area that is positively divine!

The area is protected and the wildlife are flourishing there.  As an amateur birdwatcher, I'm especially excited to get on the water and see all the wonderful waterfowl!!!
Is there anything cuter than baby animals!?!?!?!?!?!?

The only thing I worry about with my new hobby is finding time for my old hobbies!  Hah! That's a joke of course, because I'll always find time for beading!

I recently received some fun cultured sea glass beads from ZNetShows to create something for their upcoming summer Creative Spark issue.  The theme I will be working with is a little outside the box, but I'm looking forward to seeing if I can pull off my idea.  Stay tuned for July to see the reveal.

I recently showed a rivoli I had been working on, and I put together a pair of earrings to match.  I made this set specifically to go with this new shirt:

But imagine my delight, when I saw it matched this one just as well, if not better!

And finally, the weekend before last I started tackling the Bead-It-Forwad squares!

It is so fun to play around with these squares and turn them into quilts and crafted object! I love it! Coming up soon, I will be setting up an online bidding auction for some of the Bead-It-Forward products!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Time To Stitch #7 - Embroidery

Today is the reveal day for A Time To Stitch (ATTS), hosted by Therese and Christine for a whopping seventh time!

The theme/challenge this time around is bead embroidery.  I dabble in embroidery periodically but it's something I always feel I can use more practice in, so I was excited for this ATTS!

During sign-ups Therese gave away some of her stones which she personally cuts and polishes into stunning cabochons.  I was the lucky and happy recipient of this gorgeous petrified wood with wormholes!

I absolutely adore this cab! I love all the creamy colors and the shots of pinkish orange.  Seriously - these are 'my colors'!!! Which was just good luck, because Therese pre-packaged these, and sent these out randomly.

I just knew I had to hug this cab with some creamy colors.  My first selection were these pearl colored size 8 charlottes.

After starting one embroidered row around the cab, I decided to step up and start a short peyote to frame the cab even more.  This cab is so pretty on it's own I didn't want to go too crazy with too much embellishment.

One of my struggles with embroidery, I realized with this challenge, I sometimes try to rush the process by adding too many beads per stitch.  Another challenge, is trying to keep each stitch nice and tight, when I really should be giving each stitch a millimeter or less of wiggle room so the beads can stand nice and pretty on their own without puckering!   I took my time on this challenge and only added two beads per stitch (which was great when I decided at the last minute to add that peyote bezel, I knew straight away that I had an even count!).

Finishing an embroidered piece can sometimes be a challenge as well.  When finishing, I kept my mantra, 'not too tight' and everything went swimmingly.

A simple beaded bail to attach the chain.

I was psyched there was a piece of gray ultrasuede in my stash that matched the cab so perfectly.  Some grey Nymo thread added to the cohesiveness!

This piece is simple, but it was a fantastic study in embroidery for me.  The cabochon Therese created was so gorgeous I really wanted to make sure it shined with some good beadwork around the outside and that really forced me to take my time, pull stitches out when necessary, and make sure nothing came out too wonky.

Thank you, as always, to our hosts Christine and Therese.  This challenge is such a great idea, and a fun way for beaders to practice and hone in on their skills!  I can't wait to see what ATTS #8 brings!

Please click on the links below to take a look at other ATTS participants' creations!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Beading & Birding

Well jeesh - where did the last four weeks go!!??

I can't believe that I haven't blogged in so long.  There is a challenge coming up this weekend - the ATTS (A Time To Stitch) hosted by my friends Therese and Christine!  This ATTS theme is embroidery - which I can always use practice doing!

In the meanwhile - I've been working at my job, working on Bead-It-Forward, beading, and birding!

Now that spring is here and the eight feet of snow is gone from that crazy winter, I spend a lot of my free time hiking, with my camera of course!   I got a hot tip on some bald eagles nesting near the Wachusett Reservoir, and I wasn't disappointed when I arrived at the destination!
Yes, that's a little eaglet to the left of the eagle!  There are two in the nest!

 These eagles were barely visible with the naked eye, and these photos were taken with a point & shoot with a great zoom!  A little fuzzy - but I"m still happy with them!

Here were some turkeys displaying for a hen at the farm (at work).

And a cute little killdeer

I've been playing around with the rivolis I procured earlier this spring....

These are a modification of By All Beads Blue Poppy Earrings tutorial.  They use 8mm chatons and I think they are adorbs!!!  The instructions are great and they whip up pretty quickly!  There are instructions in this tutorial to attach a post as well, and embellish with more crystal.  What you see below are basically the first few steps!

This is just a seemingly standard peyote bezel for a 14mm rivoli, I found online a few places!

This is a bezel from Diane Fitzgerald's book, Shaped Beadwork and Beyond.  I love her!!! Her books have been such an influence in my bead world.  I love this bezel and the way it hugs the rivoli so perfectly.  I kind of did some free form weaving around the perimeter when I finished the bezel.

Finally - this is a version of Let It Shine by Ellad2:

I also did a few pieces over the last couple months from Sabine Lipert's Beaded Fantasies (why did it take me so long to get this book!!!?)  But more on that another day!

See you Saturday for the ATTS challenge reveal!